Connecting People to Oceans

iOcean Platform

Who Are We?

iOcean connects clients with marine technology innovators to provide insights from the surface and all the way to the seabed.

We specialize in deploying advanced lightweight marine monitoring systems to empower environmental, exploratory, and entertainment purposes.


Why iOcean

iOcean Provides a Wide Range of Features

Weather ++

Onsite and real-time temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and wave hight to empower sea enthusiast

Subsea Visibility

A measure of underwater visibility condition on active diving sites

Cognitive Systems

Enable divers and scientist to recognize, monitor and track marine animals through our cameras and acoustic sensors

Live Streaming

A streaming service above and below the water to the most attractive water activity sites

Big Data

Historical numerical and visual data from our network of distributed devices across the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf

On-Demand Services

On-demand custom development services on top of our wide range of marine specialized cloud infrastructure to monitor their processes and assets

Industries We Serve

Sample of the Customer Segments We Serve

Recreation & Tourism

iOcean, and through its wide IoUT infrastructure, provides marine recreational & tourism seekers with a user-friendly platform to make wise and data-informed decisions about their upcoming trips and adventures.


Industry & Commerce

iOcean enables industry partners such as those in aquaculture, offshore energy, shipping, and marine civil construction to continuously monitor surface water conditions and essential subsea assets and processes


Science & Research

iOcean provides research institutions and government agencies with reliable, non-invasive tools to better understand the aquatic environments as well as historical maritime numerical and visual data from our Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) network or based on their on-demand sites.


Our Partner

We are partnering with a Saudi company which is specialized in sustainable and innovative product development. Through this partnership, we will develop all our technologies, such as sensors and cameras, locally.


Our Potential Clients